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Welcome to van Slooten Aquaculture

Van Slooten Aquaculture is based in Urk, the fish centre of Europe.  The company was established in 2006 by the two brothers Paulus and Albert van Slooten. They started in a brand new 75 MT farm with an environmental friendly recirculating aquaculture system to farm pike perch.


The process of growth from fingerling till fish of 1-2 kilo is being traced very carefully by modern computerised techniques. The high care for the water quality makes sure the fish is growing in the best conditions, what makes the best result in quality.

In the year 2010 they purchased a similar farm near the other fishfarm. There they developed a system for the storage of crabs. The crabs are kept in tanks to acclimate before the crabs are packed in special boxes and then shipped out to the customers.



Pikeperch Van Slooten Aquaculture


Fish farm Van Slooten Aquaculture